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A Life of Passion

Thomas Welsh has been a practising manager and leader for more than 42 years.  Right from the start Thomas was only really interested in how outstandingly successful managers and leaders made their people and their organisations great.  A founder member of the more than 2000 organisations tasked with capturing what really good managers and leaders actually did.   The research captured the very actions and performance criteria that guaranteed results.  This meant great leadership could actually always be delivered.  It was the original 'management doing' programme - proof given by delivered results..

"It was so frustrating in Round 2 of the research programme when the universities and colleges came in.  They recodified all the objective measurable personal action schemas and performance criteria into competences and behaviours. So much was lost - so subjective.  It gave birth to a whole bureacratic educational and training industry based on subjective opinions of the behaviour of others - ultimately completely unmeasurable.  Disaster in our terms" 

Not to be satisfied with this, Thomas and his colleagues were determined to continue with the original intent.  How could senior managers and leaders in an organisaton intervene to cause people to do the things that created the results required?  Sustainably and reliably.  Though the basics of the intervention were avaialable from the start it has taken more then 24 years to refine the delivery mechanism.
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